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Our Story

VAI-KØ = "vaiko" Finnish word asking for an Alternative


It was an early Spring day in 2014 when we first started to talk about creating our own brand. Few weeks later we had a name VAI-KØ and a plan based on our name...

We love nature. We go there to exercise to relax and unwind to find Inspiration. Not to mention all the delicious wild foods we love so much. To be able to enjoy nature in years to come we committed to create ecological alternatives from urban to wilderness and through that make our little change in this industry.

Are these the best beanies out there?

Our heads are precious and they deserve nothing less than carefully tailored beanies that are ecologically and ethically made.

Our collection consists of beanies that are designed to work tough weather and wear on wilderness expeditions as well as in urban environment. The idea is to have one beanie for everything. Clean design to please the eye, great fit for comfort and good material to keep you warm. Are these the best beanies on the market? That is what we are aiming for on every step of the process.

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