How To Recognise a Sustainable Brand?

How To Recognise a Sustainable Brand?

by Maria Vanonen November 24, 2017 1 Comment

Today is the day when the world goes mad, mad about shopping. But what is the true cost?

Textile industry is the world’s second most polluting industry and it’s run by us, individuals not by big corporations. As long as we crave for more it will keep on going. That is the law of demand and supply. But what is there to be done?

Few days ago my friend showed me the new jacket she had bought. Not because she had bought something new but because she was proud that she had bought an eco-friendly jacket. But while being proud she was a little unsure if it really was eco-friendly. And that’s what leads me to my topic.

My friend like many others have just woken up to realisation that they have to change their shopping habits in order to save this planet. To buy from responsible brands and even more importantly buy less. But the problem is; How to recognise a sustainable brand when there’s so much green washing in the industry?


What does the word sustainable mean? 

Mike Schragger, the founder and director of the Sustainable Fashion Academy (SFA) simplifies a 100% sustainable brand to a brand that ensures its business model is 100% circular and renewable. That its workers have fair working conditions and salaries.

That means each and every company has some serious work to do in the area of sustainability and to be honest: we always take more from the nature than give back. Yet we need clothes. So lets focus on finding the brands that are truly making sustainable choices environmentally and ethically.

This list of three steps is dedicated to my friend who bought an eco-friendly jacket and all of you who are looking to make more sustainable choices.


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Maria Vanonen
Maria Vanonen


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November 24, 2017

Thanks for this great post! Recently I have been browsing the web for a list of eco friendly brands. rankabrand is one. Didn’t find you on their list yet, its major brands mostly. Youre doing a great job though! Love to see you thrive and grow as an ecological finnish brand!

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