VAI-KO Merino Wool

Organic Merino Wool - Patagonia, Argentina

The organic merino wool used in VAI-KO's products comes from organic farms in Patagonia Argentina. In organic farming no harsh pesticides or antibiotics are used instead organic farmers take a preventative approach to disease. Organic animals are reared on organic feed, they graze on organic land and are free to pursue their natural behaviour with plenty of space outside. Keeping the sheep packs in reasonable size prevents erosion and helps the natural diversity of the area stay in balance.

Sheep in San Jorge, Peninsula de Valedez, Patagonia

Organic Wool key points

  • The organic wool processing is GOTS certified
  • Organic wool is free from harmful chemicals
  • Wool is grown on audited organic farms based on the SENASA protocol

Animal Welfare key points

  • No Mulesing - All sheep in Argentina are mulesing free.
  • Safe shearing - shearers are regularly trained by the organisation PROLANA to ensure good care of the sheep during shearing.
  • Sheep have lots of space for grazing - 1 sheep on every 1,5 square miles.


  • Sheep are managed in such a way to prevent desertification and increase biodiversity.


  • GOTS
  • ISO 900
  • Oekotex
  • RWS

San Jorge, Peninsula de Valedez, Patagonia

Organic farming takes extra care of animal wellbeing not only by providing them a natural habitat and food but making sure the shearers are well trained for their jobs making the shearing experience least stressful for the sheep.

GOTS certified wool processing facility in Trelew, Patagonia

The wool used in VAI-KØ products is processed on-site in Patagonia giving locals jobs and cutting off carbon emissions as the wool doesn't have to be sent all the way to China where major part of the worlds wool is being processed before it can be made into yarns.

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