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  • Social Responsibility

    Fair treatment of workers and animals
    is a high priority to us.


    Our goal is to provide long lasting products with
    as small burden as possible for the environment.

  • Our Supply chain

    Working towards more transparent
    clothing industry.

  • Quality and Materials

    Long product lifecycle starts from
    quality driven design decisions.

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Environmental Responsibility

Our design philosophy relies on making better quality products with a long lifecycle.

Extending the use of garments by nine months will have a positive effect with 27% carbon savings, 33% water savings and 22% waste savings (Niinimäki, Sustainable Fashion in a Circular Economy, 2018). We encourage people to buy quality and take care of the existing garments.

Once you need a new garment, there should be better alternatives. That’s where our path started in 2014, and that’s the path we are still on this day. We are not perfect, but eager to get better every day.

We don’t do fast fashion. Instead of releasing huge new collections, we update our existing product selection with carefully selected new products and color updates to the VAI-KO classics. Our best seller Timberjack Beanie has been in the selection since day one.

We take care of our waste stream for example by collecting the merino wool cutting waste and making new products of it.

To minimize the burden of our products, we prefer certified organic materials and recycled materials when possible. Get to know our materials.

Our suppliers are committed to improve their environmental performance and follow the environmental legislation and certificates. Get to know our supply chain.

G.O.T.S & Bluesign cerTIFIED mERINO woOL

VAI-KO merino wool is G.O.T.S and Bluesign certified to make it less harmful for the environment.

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