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  • Social Responsibility

    Fair treatment of workers and animals
    is a high priority to us.

  • Environmental Responsibility

    Our goal is to provide long lasting products with
    as small burden as possible for the environment.

  • Our Supply chain

    Working towards more transparent
    clothing industry.

  • Quality and Materials

    Long product lifecycle starts from
    quality driven design decisions.

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Social Responsibility

It’s important for us that all people involved in our product cycle get a living wage. We are committed to supporting fair labor.

Most of our production is located in Finland and Lithuania, where we know the workers will have a safe working environment with a decent pay and benefits, all following the EU legislation.

Yet bringing all stages of product cycle to the EU is not possible - merino sheep are not farmed in Europe. To ensure animal welfare we use only licensed farms who practice organic farming under the GOTS certificate. Read more of our merino wool’s journey.

Part of our production is located in China and India. When producing something new into our planet, we want to make the products to last. Higher level craftsmanship is a bigger priority to us than having the production at our neighbour.

Responsible sourcing outside the EU requires strict focus on trusted certificates and third party audits.

We are building long lasting partnerships with only a few suppliers - not producing in many places with the cheapest price, but focusing the production to the confirmed sustainable partners. We check our partners certificates once a year and request them to follow our code of conduct.
Read more of our supply chain.

Local Knitting Factory, Finland

VAI-KO Merino Wool beanies and accessories are made in two local knitting factories in Finland.

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