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Am I Ready?

Am I Ready? - VAI-KO

I watched a video on Facebook a while ago, entitled "Everybody dies but not everybody lives". It made me think about my life and whether I had the courage to do the things I’ve been dreaming of for a long time. Fear and other excuses have stopped me starting to make those dreams come true. When I start planning something big or begin to full-fill a dream that’s been around for a long time, or I get involved in a project which sounds too wild and mindless, I tend to notice that I always go through the same questions: Am I ready for this? Do I have sufficient knowledge or skills or experience even to make it through if I go? Next I go through four key things which I have found most important and which have helped me to go on when I begin to doubt whether I have what it takes or not.

1. Speak about it

Each of us has tiny or great dreams and crazy ideas we want to implement sometime. Those ideas or dreams come true best when you bring them up somehow. Talk about them to your friends and the people in you life. Ask their opinions, experiences and thoughts. Things are sure to happen. You get new ideas, fears subside and you might even find some people who are interested in joining you.


2. Find the right people

Many dreams, crazy ideas for implementing the trip of your life often demand other people and their efforts to become reality. Finding people who are excited about the same things is often the key to taking an idea to the next level, to a concrete level. Ideas are developed faster, the plan moves on if you have someone or some others to share ideas and thoughts. A group has a moving power which effects positive in most of projects. In addition you don't need to bear all the responsibility, have all the skills needed or take care every piece of the project. A group brings depth and forward-moving force to your plan. Things start to happen when people put their individual efforts into a project.



3. Start planning


Planning is an essential part of reaching any objective. Things don’t happen by themselves. Plans that frame the dream and ensure its progression are essential. A plan doesn't need to be accurate in the beginning. Even a rough plan takes the idea forward and cements the great ideas in your head. Usually, ideas which sound mindless and crazy in the beginning become the very things which make a project or trip unforgettable. So don't ever ignore – or be shy to bring up – an idea which might sound stupid, crazy or mindless in the beginning. Write it down, let it develop over time and you might soon notice that the idea which felt silliest at the beginning has developed into the cornerstone of the plan.


4. Be prepared


Preparing is another essential part of reaching an objective. Very rarely is any accomplishment or success just coincidence. Lots of work, effort and practice lie behind reaching a great objective. Preparing can mean many things. It can be getting the needed knowledge, practising some skills, acquiring the necessary gear, or it can be shaping up. Whatever the preparing is, it is mostly profitable and rewarding. Think about your dream and research what is required to make it a reality, the kind of things you’ll need, and where you need to get the experience and skills.


Keep up 

Do you have dreams or ideas you would like to fulfil? Hold on to them, talk about them, involve people, plan and prepare. Dreams are made to be fulfilled. Start living your dreams so that some day you can say that "I was not afraid to live".

 - Jussi Korhonen @jussikorhonen


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