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Packaging is and will be part of almost any sold product in the world. There's no perfect package no matter how ecological or even eatable it is, it's still worse to make it than not to make it. We are doing our best to put as little pressure on nature through our packaging as we can. 

This product will leave nothing but plants behind it

The items you purchase on our online store are now packed with Degralen bags. Just like most plastic bags, these bags are made of polyethylene but it's the little additive called TDPA® that makes the whole difference. 

TDPA® works by way of oxo-biodegradation process, which occurs in two stages. 

Stage 1.

 TDPA® accelerates the plastic degradation process by several orders of magnitude, whereby the long polymer molecules are reduced to shorter and shorter lengths and undergo oxidation (oxygen groups attach themselves to the polymer molecules). This process is triggered by heat (elevated temperatures found in landfills or composting), UV light (a component of sunlight) and mechanical stress (e.g. wind or compaction in a landfill). Oxidation causes the molecules to become hydrophilic (water- attracting) and small enough to be ingestible by micro-organisms, setting the stage for biodegradation to begin.


Stage 2.

Biodegradation occurs in the presence of moisture and micro-organisms typically found in the environment. The plastic material is completely broken down into the residual products of the biodegradation process. As micro-organisms consume the degraded plastic, carbon dioxide, water, and biomass are produced and returned to nature by way of the biocycle. 



TDPA® incorporated products degrade and physically disintegrate within a few weeks to 1-2 years, depending on the formulation and the disposal environment.

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