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Why Merino Wool

Merino Wool is Ultimate insulator   Ultimate insulator

Merino wool protects you from cold and has a cooling effect in warmer weather.

Great comfort   Great comfort

It's extremely soft, lightweight and doesn't itch.

Merino Wool Keeps you dry    Keeps you dry

It transports moisture and continues to insulate even when it's wet.

Odor free   Odor free

Merino Wool has a great hygienic performance as it's naturally antibacterial and locks away odors. 
Being an easy-care material, hanging out to air is usually enough to refresh the garment.

Most sustainable Merino Wool   Most suistainable merino wool

We use only certified organic merino wool which is less than 1% of all wool production in the world.

no harmful chemicals   GOTS and Bluesign certified

Our merino wool is GOTS and Bluesign certified and has no harmful chemicals within.

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