Giving Back


The world is full of people struggling to have their basic needs met. The lack of fresh water, proper nutrition and hygiene cause needless deaths everyday. The clothing industry is often found using of these poor circumstances by paying workers less than is needed to feed their family and having them work in unhealthy conditions. That is not okay, instead we at VAI-KØ want to be making a positive impact in the world. Because we can and we feel a responsibility to do so. 


The clothing industry is also the worlds second most polluting industry. Even though we do our best at VAI-KØ to reduce our impact on the environment, each product does leave a mark on the planet. For example inadequate handling of chemicals in the industry causes serious harm to watercourses and wildlife, but also to the people living close to the factories are known to suffer from severe health effects, such as cancer and birth defects. In many ways we are reaching the end of our resources and we can't afford not to think and act sustainable

Giving Back

In accordance to our mission, that is to "Create ecological alternatives from urban to wilderness and to do good through business in social and environmental sectors", we have made our priority to make sure the making of our products does not effect the environment or people any more than it has to (read more about certificates here, and our production here). In addition to doing business as fair as possible we give 2% of all our sales to organisations that help lift people from poverty and conserve our environment. 



Protect Our Winters Finland

Out of every sold VAI-KØ x POW beanie we give 5€ to Protect our Winters Finland to support their work against climate change. Protect our Winters is an international organisation that strives to save the winters from climate change. POW Finland is one of eight national suborganisations that campaign actively against climate change by educating companies and individuals on how to make more ecological choices on a daily basis.

POW’s earliest supporters were renowned athletes and respected corporations but the movement quickly grew to include the wider outdoor sports community as their playgrounds and livelihoods also depend on healthy winters. In Finland most ski resorts and many of the top winter sport athletes have joined the fight for Winters. Read more...

Fida International

We cooperate with Fida International to support a development cooperation project fighting poverty through education in 40 rural villages in Cambodia. Through the project families are provided with water filters and taught how they are used. In addition villagers get education concerning health, hygiene and nutrition. Because of the clean drinking water, better hygiene and variation in nutrition, diseases among the children have decreased significantly and children are happier and more energetic. With the money saved children are schooled.

In the year 2017 a well was provided for 42 families to have fresh drinking water, in addition families were educated on the dangers of human trafficking. Especially the people in rural areas are in an increasing danger of being trafficked because of lack of knowledge and resources. Read more...