Giving back


The world is full of people who are struggling with basic needs on daily basis. Lack of fresh water, proper nutrition, and hygiene cause needless deaths everyday. 


We are part of worlds second most polluting industry and even though we do our best at VAI-KØ to reduce our impact on the environment each product leaves a mark.

Giving Back

We are giving 2% of all our sales to help lift people from poverty and to conserve our environment. 

Who we work with

Protect our winters finland

Out of every sold VAI-KØ x POW beanie we give 5€ to Protect our Winters Finland to support their work against climate change. Protect our Winters Finland campaigns actively against climate change by educating companies and individuals how to make more ecological choices on daily basis. Read more...


 We cooperate with Fida International to support a health education project in rural villages of Cambodia. Through the project families are provided with water filters and taught how they are used. In addition villagers get education concerning health, hygiene and nutrition. Because of the clean drinking water, better hygiene and variation in nutrition, diseases among the children have been decreased significantly and children are happier and more energetic.The families are also supported in the care of farms, cattle breeding and composting. With the money saved children are schooled. Read more...