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We offer full 14 day money back guarantee for the items from the date you received them but we don’t offer free return.

Return in Finland

Pack the products you want to return into a transport durable package. Include your order information with the return. Return the package with these informations:



Mikkolantie 1 A

00640 Helsinki FINLAND

Go to the nearest Post service point and return your package. We handle the returns latest the next day they arrive. Return cost is 7€. You don’t have to pay the return cost while you are returning items. The returning cost will be reduced from the balance we will refund to you. If you return all items, we will refund the original shipping cost, if you are returning only part of the items, we will refund item prices to you minus returning cost. Take into account that payment service providers may take some time in processing the refund. You will receive an email when we have handled your return. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Unfortunately we don't have the resources to offer free returns, so returning happens at the customer's expense. We do our very best to serve our clients a variable collection of quality beanies and are happy to help with picking the best for your liking and head size.

International Return Please fill the contact form and wait for further instructions. Please note that returning item is not free and you have to pay postage of return by yourself.

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