Uitto Biocomposite Skateboard Bark

Uitto Biocomposite Skateboard brings the traditional wooden board into this day and age. Without sacrificing build integrity or quality, biocomposite boards are highly ecological, being fully recyclable and non-toxic. They weather the elements, moisture and temperature superiorly to traditional skateboards.

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Waterproof Our boards are resistant to moisture and water. 

Warp proof Our boards do not warp, deform or delaminate. 

100% Recyclable Our boards are recyclable and non-toxic. They can be made into new boards, by grinding them back to granulates and remolding them. Our Biocomposite material is safe, it is even used to make dishware. 

Wood fibers Our boards consist of wood fibers sourced sustainably from nordic forests where the rate of tree growth outweighs the rate of forestry.

Integrated risers Our boards have risers as part of their structure to improve response and adjust flex. 

Unique pattern No two boards look the same because of the flow of natural fibers in the molding process.

Wheels:  Uitto "Ride-On-Rough" 59mm 80a -wheels provide a smooth ride, even on rougher surfaces. Still, they’re hard enough to sneak in the occasional power slide!

Trucks: standard 5" hanger trucks. Deck include integrated risers therefore wheel bite won’t be an issue.

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