Collection 2016-2017

Collection 2016-2017

by Maria Vanonen September 15, 2016 1 Comment

What's up?

As we are approaching the beanie season ( although some may argue it's whole year around) It's time to talk about what has changed and what is new. Now many of you may have taken advantage of our massive stock clearance. The reason for such massive sale was that we are changing to a new yarn so everything needed to go before that. 

We are very excited about this falls collection. Our goal has been from the very beginning to make beanies that'll last time on behalf of style and quality. We are still on that road and are keeping most of our styles as we love them and you have showed us you love them too. However during the two years of our journey we've discovered few improvements we've made on this years beanies. 

 New yarn

We found a bit stiffer yet non-itchy merino wool yarn that is also bluesign and GOTS certified. This yarn is merino wool at its best. It's still super soft but the way it's able to keep its shape in the long run is what we are particularly excited of. 


New sewing pattern

All of our double layered beanies have had detached lining which is good if you need to wash your beanie but it doesn't serve that well in use as it starts to "live its own life"  causing the beanie loose its fit. For some this is not a problem for some it is. 

We've now changed all the patterns so that the base layer will be sewn together with the top which makes the beanies sturdier and keep their fit better. 


New Colours

We are bringing five exciting new colours for this season. Glacier blue, Copper, Snow white, Evergreen and Coffee Brown so you'll have more to choose from and those of you who have found their beanie match can get a new colour of their favourite one! 



Timberjack Beanie

Well,this beanie can't get any a plus feature it'll now be available in 10 colours

KIVA 2.0 Beanie

Kiva beanie will stay as the nice beanie and fit the most. It's a bit longer and wider beanie just like before but with a better shape and ahh so great feel. 


Urban Fisherman

Urban Fisherman beanie will be a bit lower to give better Fisherman look but when the cold kicks in all you need to do is fold it down and it gives you a perfect cover from the elements. 

Everyday Beanie

This beanie is improved version of Warrior Unarmed beanie with bit more approachable name and a better shape and of course a new colour palette. You are going to love it!


 Aarni beanie

Aarni, our new comer is the sturdiest beanie we have. Made from fivefold yarn it surely delivers even in rougher environments. And we decided you can choose how to wear it so it is sold as a straight "sock" (as we like to say it) of 35 cm length. So fold it as many times as you like or not at all. 


Do you have beanies for kids?

This questions is as old as VAI-KØ and finally we are able to say YES!

We are bringing two different sizes for kids of our best selling styles, Kiva 2.0 beanie and Timberjack beanie. We'll start with two colours for both size that are Kids Extra-Small (4-24months) and Kids Small (2-6years) But hey we all have different sized heads so better try than cry. 




This is all for now. We are looking forward to see you rock your beanies and like before, our office is always open for feedback and questions!



Maria Vanonen
Maria Vanonen


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October 24, 2016

What about Timberjack scarfs and gloves in new colors? For example ithe coffee color is so nice, but I would like matching gloves and scarf!

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