VAI-KØ's new beanie collection is out!

by Maria Vanonen November 02, 2015

You read right, our new beanie collection is finally available after a long wait. Thank you for being patient!

We've spent a huge amount of time testing the beanies over and over again to make sure they are great in every aspect. What we got now, is six amazing styles made from 100% bluesign® certified merino wool.


What bluesign® 

bluesign® certified products are the number one pick for ecologically and ethically conscious people. The system reduces environmental impact concerning the entire textile supply chain monitoring that unsustainable substances don't enter the production cycle at all. The outcome is environmentally and user friendly product, in this case your new beanie.

To learn more about @bluesign system follow our blog and visit their website


What's new this season

Urban Fisherman and Kiva beanie are back in even better quality

Since Kiva Beanie and Urban Fisherman Beanie from our last collection were so popular we decided to keep them by making little improvements on them. So This year not only we are using better and stronger yarn but have added fine rubber filaments on the knitting. What this filament does is it keeps the knitting compact which makes it warmer and thicker feel. It also helps the beanie stay in shape a lot longer, something wool alone struggles to perform. 


Warrior beanies are followers of No.3 beanies

The biggest change in this style is the yarn which is now the same 100% merino wool as in all the other beanies. Warrior plain comes in six different colours and is great choice for those who are looking for a longer beanie style. "The" Warrior beanie comes with the bobble and a cool graphic inspired by African warrior culture. 


Timberjack Beanie

The inspiration for this beanie comes from the ongoing exploring culture which is something we love to follow! People getting out spending their days in the nature exploring new surroundings. The winters can be rough in the north and that is why Timberjack beanie has triple layered edge which makes it super warm for those cold winter days. Since it's woods inspired the label is made of Finnish birch plywood. 

Timberjack beanie's little brother is the Timberjack kuksa, A wooden cup made of Finnish birch burr with coffee finishing. Hang it on your backbag and enjoy a cup of hot drink in the woods.


Native beanie

Native beanie stands out among all one coloured beanies. Its graphics are inspired from traditional Finnish national costumes and crafts. It comes in two base colors, Black and dark grey. This beanie is a bit lighter but still super warm!   


Hope you find the beanie that suits you best from our extended collection. 





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Maria Vanonen
Maria Vanonen


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