Greetings from Cambodia!

Greetings from Cambodia!

by Maria Vanonen April 25, 2016

 What is 5% RULE?

When we started VAI-KØ the first thing we decided was to give part of our sales to charity. We chose to work with Fida International and soon after we had our destination country. Why Cambodia? Read below!  

When and how did everything start

Fida’s work in Cambodia started in the beginning of 21st century when it started to support the social work of the local churches. Today the work continues through Cambodia Global Action association in about 40 villages in 4 different provinces.


Challenges and goals

Cambodian villages suffer from various diseases such as diarrhea that could be easily avoided with the right kind of hygiene. Due to local religious beliefs people, especially elder people can be superstitious towards medical conditions and therefor taking care of these conditions may take quite long which enables diseases spread more easily.

Each of 4 provinces have team of three workers who visit the villages and educate villagers. Usually the work lasts from 4 to 6 years in each village during which time the villagers are being taught to educate other villagers. During the year 2015 the work continued to new villages. The villages are chosen by the Ministry of Rural Development of Cambodia.

Content of the education at the moment

The education is held once a week. Villagers are being taught how to prevent diseases trough better hygiene and clean water and how to do effective farming, start a home garden and take care of animals. human trafficking and moral questions are discussed as well. Kids have now their own program where 12 years old Seurn Sarin goes with her friends. 


Little things with huge impact

My name is Seurn Sarin, I'm 12 years old girl and live in the province of Kampong Chhnang in the village of Teuk Hot with my rice farmer parents four brothers and two sisters. 

I go to fourth grade at Teuk Hot Elementary school. I've got a lot of friends in my village with whom I go to kids Community Health Education program weekly. Through the education we learn about personal hygiene, health and precautionary actions against diseases like diarrhea, worms, yellow fever and flu. 

Before CHE program I didn't know much about maintaining my health but now me and the other kids at my village have learnt how important it is to wash your hands before eating, brush your teeth and wash your hair at least three times a week. My hair is clean now and I'm healthy. Through better hygiene we have less health issues like scabies and and my friends and I don't have to miss school because of illness. 




Accomplishments of the year 2015

  • 26 CGA workers have participated in the training provided by CHE  
  • 42 pastors and church leaders have participated in the training provided by CHE
  • In 40 villages 31% of the families have taken part to CHE training
  • 292 new toilets have been built in the destination communities. 
  • 58 new wells have been built in the destination communities. 


Price examples

  • 200€ Health educator for one village
  • 40€ Water filter for one family
  • 10€ fruit tree seedling for one family


Maria Vanonen
Maria Vanonen


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